JXYM Chinese Edition

The JXYM Chinese edition (the Chinese edition of Journal of Xiangya Medicine) is a Chinese-language column that addresses the growing need for trusted medical information in China. The initiative of the JXYM Chinese edition aims to raise awareness of medical advances among clinicians through translated content, enhancing the links between Chinese scientists and the international medical community.

The translation of a selection of full-text content from JXYM applies rigorous standards to ensure accuracy and quality control. The JXYM Chinese edition will deliver the quality clinical and scientific content to the Chinese medical and clinical research community.


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糖尿病是一种高发性疾病,全球18岁以上人群中糖尿病患者数高达4.25亿,据国际糖尿病联盟(International Diabetes Federation,IDF)预计,到2045年,糖尿病发病率将提高48%。


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高血压是最常见和流行的一种疾病,影响美国当前人口的46%。根据适用于门诊患者的最新指南,高血压定义为血压≥130/80 mmHg。